Brendan Taylor grew up in Vancouver, BC and was drawn to TV and film at a young age. From action films like Star Wars and Batman, to the comedy of Mel Brooks and Monty Python, and all the best 90s cartoons, like X-Men Adventures and Duck Tales. This combined with a great love of video games and comic books, was a recipe for an overactive imagination.

Brendan loved pretending to be different people; playing characters that were so different from himself. But he was a shy, sensitive kid, so he didn’t want to share anything outside of his circle of friends. It wasn’t until he found drama class as an elective in high school, that he found a natural confidence, and ability on stage. He would later learn that it was quite common for great actors to be shy, reclusive and sensitive, and he would learn to embrace that those attributes are actually what gave him his skills.

Brendan was lucky enough to have a very supportive family. His mom, who works on the other side of camera in the art department, would invite him to film sets to help her out, so from an early age he was exposed to the world of film. His dad always jumped on board with his ideas, and his brother, who was a child prodigy, had an even wilder imagination and was a big influence on his creativity. 

Brendan graduated with a bilingual diploma in French and English, and went to university to study other things, but always maintained an elective in Theatre every term, because he enjoyed it. He studied abroad for a year on exchange in Paris, specializing in languages, and ended up with a degree in Spanish. But it wasn’t until the end of university that he found a scene study class off campus, where he felt at home.

After graduating he continued to train but used connections through his mother to begin a career in Set Decoration; the first film he worked on was The Wicker Man starring Nicholas Cage. From there he made more connections and worked on several other films and series around Vancouver, such as AMC’s The Killing and SYFY’s Falling Skies and Battlestar Galactica, accumulating more than 50 credits as a Lead, On-Set, and Set Dresser (Decorator), and Production Designer on short films. 

As his training and skills increased, he started to scale back in Set Decorating, and he landed roles in The CW’s Arrow, A&E’s Bates Motel and SYFY’s Olympus. Dreams started to become reality when his past influences began merging with his roles: he was cast on season two of FX’s Fargo, played Superman’s creator Jerry Siegel on AMC’s Secret History of Comic Books documentary series, and has recurring roles onE! Network’s The Arrangement, SYFY’s The Magicians and on The CW’s Supernatural, as Officer Doug Stover. In the film world, he had a lead role in an independent period-fantasy feature film MERMAID’S SONG, opposite Iwan Rheon from HBO’s "Game of Thrones". You can also spot Brendan frequently in nation-wide TV commercials.

When Brendan isn’t on screen or stage, he’s an avid Japanese import car and motorcycle enthusiast, racetrack regular and self-taught mechanic. He is also an amateur photographer, has backpacked around most of Europe, and loves to travel to exciting new places whenever he can.