Brendan Taylor has always been hooked on acting and storytelling. He was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and grew up on the North Shore, known for its beautiful parks and trees. As a young boy he would spend hours with his friends pretending to be 'X-Men' and other characters in the forest down the street...which would often represent fortresses and enemy camps in other worlds and countries...


After attending several different acting classes in Vancouver, Brendan met Kate Twa in 2008, co-founder of Lyric Acting School, and now co-founder of Railtown Actors Studio. Brendan owes much of his recent success and confidence in his craft to Kate, as well as to Dr. Iris Macgregor-Bannerman and Anthony Shim, whom he met through his journey with Kate. He also owes a profound debt of gratitude to Lori Triolo, who helped steer him on the right track in his craft and his life with the Meisner Technique.

Through taking classes at Railtown, Brendan has developed a love for theatre and improv, and has proven to be a diverse actor, in both drama and comedy. With a desire to explore the stage further, in 2010 Brendan joined Anthony Shim and 4 other good friends to form the Ninja Pirates Theatre Society.


From playing in imaginary worlds as a boy, to growing up and travelling, learning other languages, and working on film sets, Brendan brings unique life experiences to his craft.

When he is not working on either side of the camera or with the theatre company, Brendan enjoys travelling, rap music, photography, writing, and working on his car or motorcycle.

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Once a shy student, he found an instant connection and comfort with the stage in 7th grade, and throughout high school he excelled in acting, culminating in a lead role in "The Real Inspector Hound" by Tom Stoppard in 12th grade. After graduating high school with a bi-lingual diploma in French and English, he attended UBC, where he explored other interests as well as acting, the highlight being his 3rd year spent on exchange in Paris, France. 

But it wasn't until his final year at UBC where he took an acting class outside of university in a smaller, more intimate and focused setting, where he was overwhelmed with a feeling of belonging, and began to explore what came naturally to him as a young boy back in the forests on the North Shore...

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Before his pursuit of acting, and still today when not auditioning, he works as a Set Dresser in both the IATSE and ACFC unions in Vancouver.  Since 2005 he has worked on a multitude of Independent Features and Series, Movies of the Week, such Television Series as Falling Skies, Fairly Legal, The Killing, Supernatural, Eureka, Chaos, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, and Features such as The Wickerman, The A-Team, This Means War, Personal Effects, Tortured, and Smokin' Aces 2: Blowback, just to name a few.

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